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How do I sign up for Gridtrax?

Sign up here. Once you’ve been approved you can start uploading and sharing songs right away.

Why do I need to give my phone number?

We will call if we have any questions regarding your band information or songs you’ve uploaded. Gridtrax will not share your phone number with anyone. Check out our Privacy Policy.

Why do I need to list my Myspace, Facebook, Twitter pages?

This gives Gridtrax a better understanding of your fan base and how we can get you more fans.

Why do you need my email?

Your email address is your Gridtrax username. Gridtrax also uses your email to share important information about your account with you including information about your earnings and fan stats. We may also email you to share new updates on Gridtrax. You can change your email preferences in your account settings.

Will you give out my information to advertisers (or fans)?

Gridtrax will not give anyone your contact information without your permission. Check out our Privacy Policy.

I’ve been approved! Now what?

Once you're a member, you will log in to your own page where you can download the songs you've created that you want to share with your fans. Download the song in MP3 or better format. We’ll generate a link that you can share with fans through social media or email.

We'll match up world-class brands that are looking to sponsor your song by placing a "brought to you by..." before the song is played to your fans. That’s it. Each time a fan downloads a sponsored song, you earn money and your fan gets the free downloaded song. You own the music and control who it’s shared with.

What rights am I giving Gridtrax?

You only give us a conditional right to distribute the song to fans who click on the link we’ve generated for you and we take no ownership. You can cancel your agreement any time. And of course we do not share your private information with anybody.

How do I track downloads of my song?

Check your member page to follow your earnings, download stats and manage your songs. Of course we also give fans the option to purchase your music at a price you dictate.

How much do I make on each free download?

Bands make $.05 on each free download from a fan.

Is Gridtrax exclusive or can I continue to use other services to distribute my music?

Gridtrax is absolutely a non-exclusive service. In fact, we encourage you to continue to use any of the services that work for you. Gridtrax is a dynamic tool that allows artists to start instantly making revenue by distributing their music for free to their fans, at no risk or cost.

What type of songs can I use Gridtrax for? Can I upload remixes or covers?

Artists can upload any songs they have the the exclusive rights to. See our distribution agreement terms.

What type of file can I upload?

We currently only accept MP3 files, but their simple to convert. There is plenty information online about how to do this.

Why can’t I edit my song information?

You can edit a song’s information after you’ve uploaded an MP3 file. However, once a song has been uploaded to the system and downloaded by a fan it becomes a permanent file. You are always welcome to delete a song and replace it with a newer version.

What are the requirements to be accepted?

We typically like to include artists and bands that maintain a fan base of approximately 1,000 fans. We encourage artists to supply us with as much detail as possible that includes their Myspace, Facebook, Twitter pages etc. so we can make that determination on a case by case basis.

If for any reason you are not accepted we encourage to try back again at a later date. Or if you feel your case may special consideration, please contact us.

Why am I not seeing my song?

Song approval -For your first couple of songs, there will be a 24 hour waiting period while we approve you song. After you’ve got the hang of our service these songs will go live immediately.

Can I signup if I’m outside of the US?

Gridtrax is currently available for US and Mexico artists.

Why can’t I register the band name I want?

Another band my already have reserved this name. You can dispute this if you own the rights to this name by emailing us.

What to do if you didn’t get a confirmation email.

After you check your spam folder for your email account, feel free to contact us.

How can I increase my fan base?

One of the ways is recommending other bands.

How should I price my songs?

Artists can set their own song price from a minimum of $.10 to a maximum of $5.00. Gridtrax only takes a flat fee of $.10 on each song purchase.

When do I get paid?

In order to reduce processing fees for artists, you will be paid once your account balance reaches a minimum of $25USD. Payments will be sent every 90 days for bands with account balances less than $25USD.