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Make music. Share music. Get paid.

How Gridtrax Works

Gridtrax is a tool that lets you distribute free music to your fans, while making money from advertisers that sponsor your songs. Gridtrax also provides a platform for you to build your fan base and sell your music at any price you choose. It’s as simple as that!

Here it is in 5 easy steps:

1. Become a Member
Fill out the membership form by clicking the “sign up” button on the home page. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you an email to confirm your email and you can get started right away.

2. Upload Your Songs
As a member, you can upload your songs to Gridtrax and start sharing your music with your fans.

3. Share Your Music
You have two ways to share your music:

a) Sponsored Song: Offer the song (in mp3 format) free of charge to fans by having an audio ad attached. This enables you to earn 5¢ ad revenue while sharing it with fans for free.

b) Purchase Song: Offer the song at whatever price you want. We take a flat 10¢ fee per transaction and there are no additional credit card fees for either you or your fans. All transactions are conducted through Google Wallet, ensuring a secure and streamlined experience.

Once you’ve chosen the song and how you want to share it, Gridtrax generates a link you can share using our integrated share features via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or whatever other ways you connect with your fans.

4. Fans Download Your Songs
Once a fan receives your invitation to download a song, they can download your song for free with a sponsor’s message attached or purchase the song at a price set by you. On iOS devices, fans can view a streaming version of the song and save a copy at gridtrax.com (iOS limits the ability to download from sources beyond iTunes).

5. Get Paid
You get paid by Gridtrax for each download of a sponsored song or sale. Check your earnings, download stats, and change your song prices in real time, any time on the “Your Earnings” page.

That's it.

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