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Reach thousands of passionate music fans by sponsoring the music they love

Why work with Gridtrax?

Imagine. A passionate fan receives an invitation from their favorite band to download their latest song... for free! And all because your brand made it happen by sponsoring the song. That’s a lot of goodwill coming your way.

Gridtrax offers you the chance to tap into the passion of music lovers everywhere. Whether you want to reach young female fans of country music from the mid West, or middle aged male heavy-metal fans from Southern California, we connect your brand to a tailored audience who will be thrilled that you are supporting the work of their favorite bands and musicians.

How does my sponsorship work?

Gridtrax is a tool that helps emerging artists distribute music to their fans for free and yet still make money. This is because advertisers like you sponsor those tracks.

If a fan is downloading the song for free, the track will contain a “brought to you by” message at the beginning. In addition, your brand can take advantage of a large format display ad on the download page, as well as highly customized opportunities.

I am interested: what do you need from me to get started?

Gridtrax offers a professionally produced five-second audio ad featuring your message preceded by “brought to you by”. This audio clip is fused to the beginning of the sponsored song downloaded by the fan in MP3 format. The audio ad is produced in-house at no charge and based on a script supplied by the sponsor. In addition to the audio ad featured with the song, we provide a variety of standard banner. These ads are displayed alone on the download page giving your ad undivided attention.

How do you deliver my advertising campaign to my target audience?

You provide the campaign parameters – campaign length, budget, and target audience - and we will deliver your target. We offer specific targeting criteria based on:

  • Age (by birth year)
  • Gender
  • Geographic location by state, zipcode and radius
  • Music genre
  • Time of day
  • Type of device

Gridtrax offers a professionally produced, up to five-second audio ad featuring your message which will be fused to the beginning of the sponsored song downloaded by a fan in MP3 format. The ad is produced in-house at no extra charge and based on a script supplied by you. In addition, we can talk about display advertising on the download page or working with you on a customized solution.

Let’s talk – how do I get in contact with you?

We believe in partnership, and cannot wait to get started. Please email us at info@gridtrax.com, and we will be in touch.

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